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At USBI, we strive to meet all of your advisement needs including assisting students with academic advising, class registration and transfer and degree advising. 

All USBI and LSC-Jakarta advisors strive to assist each student at every step of their journey to achieve academic goals.   USBI Advisers would love to hear from you and can answer any questions you may have so please feel free to call, email, or chat with us anytime. You can also schedule a campus tour or class sit-in.


USBI Lecturer Advising

The advising process starts when a student declares their major upon being admitted to USBI.  After completing New Student Orientation and registering for courses each student will be assigned a Lecturer Advisor from their Study Program.  The Lecturer Advisor will be assigned to a student during their entire time at USBI and can assist students with degree planning, class registration, tutoring and counseling referrals and completing coursework, internships and capstone projects required within each study program.


Advisement Center: +62 858 8234 9553

Education Counselor: +62 21 794 2340 Ext. 7333

Email: info.usbi@sampoernafoundation.org


LSC-Jakarta Academic Advising


Lone Star College Best Start logoLone Star College wants every student to get their best start and continue on the path to success. We want you to receive your associate degree, workforce certificate or transfer to a four-year university. Whatever your goals are, we are here to help you be successful!

You get a new start every month, every week, every day every class meeting - so, recommit to your BEST START with each step along your path to success. Here are some BEST START steps to increase your chances of achieving your goals:


·         Set a goal for what you want to accomplish

·         Make a plan to reach your goal

·         Get connected with advisors, faculty and student organizations

·         Stay involved with student life, classes, and activities


Ongoing Support

Students who complete an Associate of Arts through the Lone Star-Jakarta program will be advised each semester by the Dean of Student Success to ensure that each student is working toward their goal of completing an A.A. degree and transferring to a U.S. institution or completing their Sarjana degree at USBI. In addition to individual advising the LSC-Jakarta staff will provide group advising sessions, transfer advising, career exploration and workshops, and leadership training. 


LSC-Jakarta Advisor Information

Aaron Salas, Dean of Student Success (View profile)


+62 813 1838 4533- Call or Text


International Transfer Advising

USBI international transfer advisors will meet with students that are planning to transfer to a U.S. university. Advisors can assist students throughout the transfer process beginning with identifying potential schools and degree programs.  Next, the student can receive assistance with the school applications, completing the TOEFL IBT assessment, student Visa process, calculating cost of attendance, as well as identifying financial assistance and living arrangements. Learn more about your international options here.


International Transfer Advisor Information

Dimas Samudra (view profile)

International Transfer Advisement Officer



Mulia Business Park
Jl. MT Haryono Kav 58-60
Jakarta Selatan 12780

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