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How do I apply?

Students may apply by downloading and/or filling out our application form. If you need any help, please email info.usbi@sampoernafoundation.org.

How do I pay for my application?

Payment can be made by Transferring IDR 100,000 to account:

            Yayasan Putera Sampoerna
            Bank Sahabat Sampoerna
            No.  Acc: 0091.200.234

*If you do not have a Bank Sahabat Account, you will most likely need to transfer money from your bank, rather than an ATM.

What are the Admissions Requirements?

The USBI Admissions Requirements are for making sure USBI is a good fit for you.  Please find the USBI Admissions requirements here.

Is USBI a good fit for me?

Please find a description of our ideal applicants here.

USBI doesn’t offer the degree program I’m looking for.  Should I still apply?

In the United States higher education system, students generally do not select their degree program until the third year (5th semester). The first two years of study consist of general education requirements. This means that students who transfer from USBI can choose any program they want at the time of transfer, since USBI's first two years fulfill the US general education requirements. It is recommended that students pursuing this pathway consult with an USBI advisor to help select the most relevant program for their first two years.


For those who plan to study all four years in Indonesia, USBI offers an interdisciplinary, applied curriculum.  Students will be taking courses across subject areas and will receive on-the-job training through internships and industry engagement.  Therefore, our degree programs prepare graduates for a wide-range of careers.

Check out our degree program descriptions to find a list of future jobs.

Do you accept transfer students?

Transfer students are accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Our admissions team will decide if USBI is the right fit for a transfer student.  If you are interested in transferring, please call our call center at +62 858 8234 9553; email info.usbi@sampoernafoundation.org; or come by campus to speak directly with an Education Counselor.

We also offer the Extension Program through the Faculty of Economics and Business.  The Extension program is available for those professionals who possess a Diploma 3 or higher and would like to pursue their bachelor’s degree in Management and Accounting while continuing their career. The extension program accommodates work schedules, offering courses from 6:30-9:30 PM. This convenient format allows for good balance of work and personal life.  Students will complete 64 Accounting credits and a thesis to strengthen their leadership and entrepreneurial skills and enhance their careers.

What if my English isn’t Good Enough?

We know that not everyone feels comfortable with their English skills after high school (SMA). For students who do not pass the English component of the admissions test, we have a special six-week English Boot Camp program before matriculation.




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